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Individual Therapy for Relationship Challenges

​Enhancing Your Capacity for Romantic Connection Through Individual Therapy

Do you find that time after time you end up dating “the wrong guy”?

You keep getting hurt in relationships and you are not sure why?

Do you fear intimacy or commitment?

Do you feel lonely or disconnected?

You feel like you struggle to communicate your needs to your partner and have those needs met?

There are so many ways that people struggle to find or maintain meaningful relationships. Together we can enhance your capacity for connection

Let’s evaluate the impact your actions, perceptions and expectations have on your relationship.  Let’s gain insight into your patterns of behavior, communication and thinking as they relate to relationships and learn from them to improve your ability to meaningfully connect.  Let’s evaluate your needs and strategize how to effectively communicate those needs so they might be met within the context of your relationships.


How can psychotherapy help your relationship?

Therapy can help you:

  • Identify your values and relationship goals

  • Provides a safe space to share your feelings and work to improve the situation

  • Learn more effective communication skills and strategies

  • Learn to enjoy functional, positive, mutually beneficial relationships by examining past patterns and learning from them

  • Discover why you feel so lonely

  • Enhance your capacity for connection

  • Overcome fears of intimacy or commitment

  • Help repair ruptures and rebuild trust

  • Enhance intimacy

  • Identify how your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings impact your relationships

  • Identify and set appropriate boundaries and learn how to maintain them

  • Identify your personal strengths and the strengths you bring to your relationships

  • Understand underlying causes of tension

  • Help manage transitions

  • Conflict resolution skills

Relationships Between Adult Children and Their Parents

Are you...

  • Someone who feels that they can’t live up to their parent’s expectations?

  • Someone that feels that your parent’s love comes with strings attached?

  • Someone estranged from immediate family members?

  • Someone who wants to connect with their children, but feels like no matter what they do it is not enough?

The feelings that come along with these kinds of strained relationships can be overwhelming, frustrating and draining. It is difficult to accept that we cannot change the people in our lives. But there is hope! We can change how their behavior impacts us and how we respond to them. Therapy offers a non-judgmental space to explore the complex feelings we have towards our parent and the impact these relationships have had on our lives over time. Therapy also can help you identify the patterns involved in these relationships to improve your understanding and sense of control.

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