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Therapy for Infertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum


We see so many ads on TV for birth control and story lines in books and movies about accidental pregnancies, that we often take for granted that once we decide to have a baby, getting pregnant will be the easy part. Many couples have difficulty conceiving, but infertility can feel like a very lonely journey.

It may seem as though everyone you know if pregnant or has children. You hear mothers complaining about their discomfort during pregnancy or sleepless nights with their children and it hurts to hear it because you so long for what they have.

Dealing with infertility can be very distressing. It can bring up feelings of loss, place strain on relationships, the medical decisions and appointments can be overwhelming, it can be difficult to cope with the uncertainty of it all, and people can unknowingly be very insensitive making it all that much harder.

I provide counseling and support for women and couples during all stages of their fertility journeys. You do not have to feel alone as you go through this.


Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and fraught with worries, ambivalence and stress.

For first time parents, every element of pregnancy can feel uncertain. For parents who have been expectant parents before, past experiences or complications during pregnancy or labor may lead to a lot of strong and conflicted feelings this time around.

Major life transitions like this also raise lots of questions about who we are and what are values are. Having a safe place to express your concerns and range of feelings without fear of being judged helps mitigate some of the stress and worry you are experiencing.


Pregnancy Loss

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the loss of a child.

From the moment that a pregnancy test comes back positive there is a change in how we, as women, thinks of ourselves. Every minute of nausea or lack thereof is noticed. We become conscious of everything we put in our bodies and think of the impact it will have on our unborn babies. We start to envision what our lives will be like once our child is born, how we will parent them, how they will turn a couple into a family or fit in to our existing families. We think about our hopes for their futures as well as our own. The switch to thinking of oneself as the mother of this child can be quick and the love you feel for your unborn child, profound. The end of a pregnancy is devastating.  The grief is real and can be overwhelming. Not just the grief over the loss of baby that was, but also because of the loss of what could have been, what should have been.

I provide support and counseling following miscarriage, stillbirth, or termination, as well as to women who are pregnant following a loss. 

Postpartum and Parenting Support

Parenting is hard!

Babies don’t come with user manuals and the idyllic picture you painted of what life would look like with a baby, might not be the same as your reality. Whether it be sleeplessness nights, fussy babies, anxiety, depression, conflict with your partner, other people having a million opinions of how you should parent or could parent better which creates self-doubt or frustration around others boundary crossing, or any of the multitude of challenges that parents of newborns face, I am here to help you feel supported in this transition and to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space to express the range of feelings and thoughts you have about your parenting experience and how it is impacting different areas of your life.

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